134.2KHz Cow Sheep Pig Tracking RFID Cattle Tag

Passive RFID Animal Ear Tag for Cattle/Cows/Sheep/Dog/Horse

MOQ: 聽500pcs
Payment term: by T/T, Paypal, Western Union
H.S. code: 聽8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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The RFID ear tag works with the animal identification and traceability system, mainly for the management of animal breeding, transportation, slaughter track monitoring,infection disease,ownership and historical traces, to provide the detailed and reliable data for from birth to slaughter of animals.


聽 134.2KHz聽 RFID Cattle Tag


聽 聽R/W

Read Range:

聽 聽Up to 10CM(Depends on chip and customized)

Material: 聽 聽TPU,Cold/heat/frozen resistant
Application: 聽 聽Cattle, rabbit,horse,pig,sheep

聽 聽 ISO9001-2008


聽 聽 Metal pin

Temperature: 聽 聽-30~80聽鈩
Shelf life: 聽 聽7 years
Cooper head: 聽 聽not loose, not corrosion, not rusty

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