Container Seal Tag

Container Seal Tag

Disposable Tamper Proof RFID Container Bolt Electronic Seal Tag

Material: Carbon Steel and ABS Plastic
MOQ:  50pcs
Payment term: by T/T, Paypal, Western Union
H.S. code:  8523521000
Country of Original: China

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RFID Container Seal also called E-Seal(electronic seal) or RFID Seal.
It offen applies on gas, oil, truck and containers.
It can prevent the goods to steal by thief.
It also can help you to manage the trucks or containers. Many customers use it to enhance he efficiency of customs clearance.

Product Name   RFID Container Seal
Chip ♢ UHF Alien H4
♢ Carbon Steel and ABS Plastic
♢ Pin-80mm, Body-72mm
Performance Spec ♢Operation Frequency:  860~960MHz
♢Protocol: ISO 18000-6C(EPC Gen2)
♢Reading range: 5-10M (reader dependant)
Feature Spec ♢High security, conform to ISO-17712 standard
♢Chip standard: compatible with iso18000-6c.
♢Ultra high mechanical strength ( international box seal)
♢Global unique ID code
♢Designed with a dead lock, which can not be rotated between the lock rod and the lock body.
♢Seals cannot be read before sealed and after damage
♢Customized code, bar code and LOGO.
♢Can hang a GPS tracker.
♢Reading features: non-contact, passive, read-only, non-directional.
Advantage ♢ Electronic seal can’t read any RFID DATA before use.
♢ Electronic seal can read RFID DATA when closed.
♢ Electronic seal can’t read any RFID DATA after cutting.
♢ RFID E-seal can’t be copied because of the Unique TID code.
♢ RFID E-seal can enhance the efficiency of Customs clearance.
♢ RFID E-seal can create a a secure, transparent, accountable and favourable barrier-free clearance environment for international trade.
♢ gas, oil, truck and containers
♢  ISO 17712-2013, Clause 4 and 5 test certificate of Dayton T. Brown, INC.
♢ ISO 17025 accreditation of Dayton T. Brown, INC.
♢ ISO 17712-2013, Clause 6 Tamper Compliance Letter
♢ ISO 17020 accreditation of inspection agency
♢ ISO 9001.2008 certificate

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