860-960Mhz Marathon UHF Rfid Shoe Tag For Timing System

860-960Mhz Marathon UHF Rfid Shoe Tag For Timing System

Marathon UHF RFID Shoe Tag For Time System

MOQ: 聽500pcs
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H.S. code: 聽8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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UHF RFID shoe taghas been widely applied to sports events nowdays, with the purpose of solving problems in this field and improving timing system. The application of UHF RFID shoe tag in marathon for precise timing is a technology that athletes carry on RFID tags and RFID writer & reader are placed at starting, ending and check points on the route. When the athletes pass the writer & reader, ID in the RFID tag is recorded as well as the time. Then the software will process and display the information. In this way, the system could accurately and reliably record the starting and end time, also the mid-time and various circumstances during competition. Thus, it saves human resources and secures the fairness and accuracy of the competition. Similarly, it could also be applied to long distance running, foot race, bicycle sports or daily athlete training.

The Marathon UHF RFID Shoe Tag聽is designed with the athletes’ comfort in mind, enabling participants to fully focus,on the race, without compromising on convenience or results. The tag is easily tied to the shoe lace enabling free movement, top performance, and excellent reading rate. Additionally, it allows branding opportunity for organizers and sponsors 鈥 enabling them to leave their mark in a unique, experiential and memorable way. The combination of precision, reliability, and simplicity makes this RFID Shoe tag increasingly popular around the world. Intended uses for this product includes marathons and running races.聽

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