High Quality

Our reputation for high quality standards in rfid tags producing is precisely why our customers choose us, and choose to stay with us. Our first customer is still our customer almost 9 years later because of the quality they get shipment after shipment, year after year. Taking the time to providing the best RFID products…..

Custom as Your requirement

At Goodwin, we can customized the rfid antenna and rfid tag as per clients’ requirement. We pride ourselves on designing and producing fast, cost-effective rfid tags so that our clients can see the immediate rewards of our products and service. Your business is unique, so your requirement and rfid tags be too!

Quick Response Team

Let us focus on providing you with our service. we know what it is like to be busy and we know you do not have time to waste. We are experts at providing the best rfid tags you are looking for as per your solutions, even if sometimes you aren’t sure what you’re looking for yourselves. Let our expertise and experience help make your job easier.

Looking For Industrial-grade RFID Tags?

Goodwin is a high-tech supplier, specializes in producing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Industrial Tags.  With comprehensive industrial designing and manufacturing capabilities, Goodwin has successfully developed and offer industrial-grade RFID tags types for the industrial sector project such as RFID On-metal tag, RFID Laundry tags, RFID Animal tags, RFID Asset tracking tags, RFID Vehicle tags and People identification tags etc, which are widely applied in Water and electricity industry, Medical industry, Laundry industry, Security industry, Logistic & warehousing, New retail field and industry 4.0 applications.    These extra-durable RFID Tags are designed with specific industries in mind and made to endure the harshest working environments and conditions. Click here to see our more industry RFID tags.