Through the special short-range communication between the on-board electronic tag installed on the windshield of the vehicle and the radio frequency antenna on the ETC lane of the toll station, the computer network technology is used to perform background settlement processing with the bank, so that the vehicle does not need to stop when it passes the road and bridge toll station to reach the purpose of paying road and bridge fees.

The introduction of RFID technology in the existing clothing warehouse management,  can automate the data collection of the various operations of the clothing warehouse such as arrival inspection,  warehousing, storage, transfer, relocation, inventory check, etc. The speed and accuracy of data input in the link ensure that the enterprise can accurately grasp the real data of the inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise’s invent.

By sewing a button-shaped (or label-shaped) electronic tag on each piece of linen, the linen is scrapped (the label can be reused, but does not exceed the life of the label itself). Will make the user’s laundry management more transparent, and improve work efficiency. High temperature resistant laundry labels are widely used in textile factories, linen professional washing and laundry, etc.

UHF RFID animal ear tags give each livestock a unique “identity card”, and traceability management from livestock seedlings, quarantine, slaughter, processing to sales, effectively preventing livestock food safety. Main applied in cattle, sheep, pig and other livestock, and is widely used in food traceability and safety supervision in the fields of seedlings, breeding, production, epidemic prevention, sales and distribution.

In the RFID jewelry management system, the RFID jewelry tag has a unique ID number, so after one-to-one correspondence between the rfid tag and the individual jewellery, through the identification of the tag, the goal of precise management of individual jewelry is achieved. At the same time, UHF RFID  tags have the characteristics of multiple tags reading at the same time. Therefore, the construction of RFID jewelry management system can realize fast and accurate cargo inventory and efficient management of jewelry assets.

Use RFID tags to identify fixed assets, and use RFID readers to collect data to complete the daily management and inventory of fixed assets, to achieve the full tracking and information management of the use cycle and status of fixed assets.

In logistics transportation, large containers are usually used. After putting product items into the container, they are transported collectively. The RFID cable tie can be used to seal the container. This electronic tag can record all the cargo information of the container. During the transportation process, it can monitor its transportation situation in order to reach its destination accurately and safely. After arriving at the destination, it can facilitate handover and inventory.

RFID anti-metal tags are designed to mark and track metal assets in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Since most machines and containers have metal surfaces. But all of this must be tracked for management. Also suitable for item identification, process control, factory automation, access control and security. More importantly, inventory control, supply chain management and large leased equipment are also feasible. The metal tag can be mounted directly on a metal surface and made to work with a metal-resistant layer.

RFID book shelf tag is for books management in the intelligent library system. It can read book label information, including book name, book number, and book type through the rfid book tag, book shelf tag and corresponding reader, And borrowing conditions can be used as a basis for system sorting, which is convenient for book and library management. RFID book shelf tag are generally affixed to book shelves, which can uniformly manage the books on the same shelf.  This tag is is with Ferrite (an absorbing material) to avoid the influence of metal shelves on the tag.