Smart Metro Ticketing System by using RFID


There are plenty of ways of transportation all around the world, In this modern time,transportation is more and mre convenient for people’s travelling. It’s no doubt that taking the subway is the fastest and most convenient. With the development of the technology, and as the largest mode of transprotation, the demand for metro ticket of RFID Based Metro Train Ticketing System is increasing day by day.


Goodwin has supplied more than 1 million of rfid metro ticket for a asia country. The traditional paper-based tickets had been replaced by robust ABS-housing coin ticket, which is more convenient for single-trip and double trip travelling. The rfid metro, provided by Goodwin, support re-cycle using by passenger every day, with long using period, to achieve the purpose of urban environmental protection and utilization. and the exquiste and unique shape design also show a national culture, which leaving a deep impression to the passenger or tourists.

Our rfid metro ticket in smart ticketing application enables you to deliver service with effectivity and simplicity.