RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards

RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards

The best RFID Blocking Sleeves offered by Goowin for Credit card and Driving Licences, to protect your personnel credit data.


Material:  ABS
MOQ:  100pcs
H.S. code:  8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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Product Description:

The RFID Blocking Sleeves are thicker, but the internal wall is very smooth,  it’s can fit well with your credit card, and there is a small cutout  on the top of the card, to allow you put in and pull cards out easily.

There is no signals operating at 13.56MHz can interact with said card, because the rfid blocking sleeve produce a faraday cage around the card, from which can protect your bank card, credit card , debit card and driving licences.

The sleeve shape design is nice looking and fashion, with a rangge of four colors for choose (red, green, white, grey) .   If you have any problem with this product, why not contact us for the details?

rfid blocking passport holder rfid blocking


RFID Blocking Sleeves Specification:

Size: 90.5x62mm
Color: red, green, white , grey
Material: ABS
Temperature:  -40~65(℃)



  • Credit Cards
  • ID/IC Cards
  • Contactless cards
  • Any Standard cards

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