13.56MHz Ntag213 RFID Wire Cable Seal

RFID Wire Cable Seal is made of robust ABS and steel wire, which is disposable sealed for  Supply chain and Asset management.
Material: ABS+ steel core
MOQ: 500pcs
Color: Red,Blue, Yellow, etc
H.S. code: 8523521000
Country of Original: China

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Product Description:

RFID Wire Cable Seal is made of robust ABS for indoor and out door applicatons, embeded with HF and UHF antenna.  And this cable seal is disposable sealed,  When you insert the wire into the keyhole, the rid seal tag was locked, you can not open the seal except to cut or damage it, which is excellent for supply chain and asset management.

rfid wire tag RFID Wire Cable Seal


RFID Wire Cable Seal Specification:

Material: ABS+Steel Wire
13.56MHz Chip: Ntag213, etc
860~960MHz Chip: Alien H3, Impinj M4E, Impinj 4QT
Frequency: 13.56MHz, 860~960MHz
Tag Size: 36*26*12.5mm
Steel size:280mm (length) x 1.8mm (diameter)
Pulling force: F≥3000N
Reading range: 0~4M (chip and reader dependence),
Working Temperature: (-40~100)℃
Color: Red, White, Black, Yellow, Blue, etc



  • Airlines
  • Lubricant & Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Custom and Governmental Industry
  • Securing CIT and Banking Industry
  • Network wiring
  • Finance



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