RFID Base System for Public Transportation


RFID technology bring the most convenience for public transportation and tollroad, it help the passenger to pay on the bus and save the time for drivers to pay tolling in road collection.


Goodwin has supplied nearly 1 million of rfid bus card (as ticket) and rfid toll card with different printing designs to one of the countries in southeast Asia.

RFID Bus ticket – a smart ticketing system in bus base on RFID. the passengers arriving at a bus stop swipe their card at the reader of the entrance, the reader terminal on the bus read the unique identification number inside of the bus card and automatically deduct the cost from the card.

RFID Toll card – a rfid card applied in highway and parking.
a control and monitoring system for use at parking garages, residential condominiums, gated communities, and at toll center in highway, to grant access to the vehicle, records their activity, and charges to the driver.