RFID Jewelry Management

How to leverage RFID for Jewelry: Introduction to RFID Jewelry Management System

RFID technology, which gives the jewelry business a new and problem-solving perspective and provides unbounded convenience to both producers and store owners, is now available. RFID jewelry management system addresses various issues in the sector, including counting, safety, counterfeiting, service quality and speed.

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When the goods placed on the plastic display counters are scanned to the RFID reader, all of the products on the display shelf can be read simultaneously, making it very simple to determine pricing, stock, and item numbers.

If a client needs to know the worth of a commodity in the collection, an item is usually taken from the showcase, weighed, and the price is set and disclosed to the client. By placing a pen-size scanner on the product label, the dealer can examine all product information and present it to the customer in a brief period, as all product details have been captured on the product’s RFID tag. Having multiple products on the shelf also decreases the risk of encountering security problems.

Besides, during a typical day at the store, the potential of making an error during a sales conversation or when providing the right service to the customer, such as allowing them to try many goods, is unavoidable. Records such as the date the product was manufactured, the day the shop was visited, and the number of times it was shown to the consumer can be kept if necessary. The products presented can be verified as the product that was requested.


Why switching to RFID Jewelry Management Rather Than Sticking to the Traditional Way?

Because what you can do with working hours and personnel limits will only save the day, but RFID Jewelry management systems offer you efficiency, saving time and efforts, and data regarding your inventory and product, which is impossible with manual work. So, what are these?

  • Data and analytics for business

By integrating RFID tags with jewelry tracking software, it is possible to have customized business intelligence reports on merchandise movement in your store and how sales, goods, and employees perform.

  • Customer interaction

To improve their purchasing journey and speed up decision-making, you can use RFID jewelry management and offer related products in inventory just in seconds rather than looking around in-store and reduce the waiting lines.

  • Methodology for merchandising

RFID tracking data can be used to decide item promotions or further campaign planning and product placement and virtual stock, which is used to sell things that are not truly in stock.

  • Customer insights and trends

Customers’ viewing and spending habits can be tracked, and targeted advertisements can now be developed with your own data to build loyalty and bring walkouts back in.


What are the benefits of the RFID Jewelry Management System Both for Seller and Buyer?

With RFID tags for jewelry, each jewelry label will now have a unique ID code. Retailers will recode some certificate characteristics, such as the weight, purity, grade, store, and shelves. As a result, retailers can collect data on all jewelry products automatically.

  • You can make the counts without taking a break from your business, closing your shop, or working extra.
  • You save time by being able to count transactions without having to wait.
  • You can automate most of the work and lower personnel expenses.
  • Counting no longer will be a source of stress for you.
  • You can reduce the amount of stock and cash you have on hand.
  • You can do a retail stock count more frequently and efficiently without handling the objects.
  • You can live its perks in exhibitions, track your inventory and never lose an item.
  • You can save time and achieve a high level of accuracy when making wholesale invoicing and consignment transfers.


Goodwin RFID Tags for Jewelry Management: Offerings

Retail RFID Tags for Jewelry are disposable and reusable for store retail, and they are designed for jewelry/ glasses retail shops or luxury accessories. These RFID jewelry tags can greatly reduce labor costs and can work accurately. Goodwin RFID Tags for Jewelry offers two different solutions to accustom your needs.

ISO18000-6C RFID Jewelry Tag with U-Code chip offers sensitive and accurate reading and robust usage with its reusable PVC material and reusable function.

While another product option comes with higher functionality, UHF Tamper-proof RFID Jewelry Tags have material options of paper, PVC and PET (durable up to +100 ℃) and reading range can go up to 2 meters with Ultra High-Frequency option. You can customize these tags with logo print, number print or QR code print.

The RFID Jewelry Label meets the ISO15693 (I-Code SLIX chip) and ISO18000-6C (EPC Class 1 Gen 2) standards.


RFID Jewelry Management Best Practices

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange (DGSE) uses RFID for jewelry stocks to help manage its inventory of jewelry, diamonds, watches, precious gemstones, and other items. To maximize the utility of the RFID tags, they installed portal readers at each store’s entrance and exit doors.

The company found it more difficult to locate a misplaced item when inventory was taken less often because it could have been missing for days or weeks before being spotted. It is now possible to conduct daily inventories thanks to RFID readers.

Cleor, a French jewelry retailer, claims that since implementing an RFID system in its 50 stores, a stock check at each location takes only a few hours, rather than the many days it used to take before the technology’s introduction. The system was implemented over eight months, first at Cleor’s distribution center and ten stores in the Paris area, then at the company’s other 40 shopping outlets.



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