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RFID Tags Types

Rfid tags are passive tags, which have no battery.  At the current market, there are wide range of choice of rfid tags tyes, according to their characteristic, material, size and applications, from dispososable rfid tags to high-temperature resistent, anti-metal rfid tags.
No matter what industry or application, Goodwin offers the flexible and most diverse lines of rfid tags types, to meet your needs and requirements.

Seek the ideal rfid tag for your application with the tag selector tool or view our “RFID Tag by Feature” below.

rfid tag for car rfid tag for tree rfid tag for event rfid tag for jewellery rfid tag for healcare
 rfid tag for book rfid tag for clothes rfid tag for tracking rfid tag for cattle rfid tag for logistic
 rfid tag for metal rfid tag for keys rfid label tag NFC tagging