Event Management RFID Tag

rfid sport tracking

RFID for Events

Admission Ticket for Events

Provide an rfid tag (an admission ticket with rfid) to every person who will come to this event or festival, when they close to the reader at the entrance, the rfid ticket will automatically identify, check and sign up to save much time and labor for checking ticket, and to save cost for organizing activity and reduce mistake.

RFID for Sport Match

There is thousands of athletes in large sport matches, usually it’s difficult to record the grades of each competitor, like marathon, running . Marathon route is also hard to examine, it’s not fair and accurate to record grade by manual.

Therefore, rfid timing system bring the solutions, attach rfid race tags on each athlete shoe or clothes, when the competitor pass the reader at starting line and ending line, it will automatically read the UID number to record the grades in real-time and record individual running route , to save cost for organizing sporting match.