Our History

Goodwin was founded in 2012 and mainly specialized in the production and sales of RFID smart cards and labels at the beginning. Our products are 13.56 Mhz HF smart card and RFID sticker Which normally use for RFID access control in Transportation, hotel, and identification. But in recent years, UHF RFID tags applied in wide application, with its excellent performance of long-distance high-speed reading and writing, UHF has shown explosive growth in the fields of warehousing, smart manufacturing, laundry, logistics, retail, and so on. It has gradually become the mainstream of the RFID industry.

With the continuous improvement of RFID, Goodwin started to expand the plant area and introduced more machines and types of equipment in 2015, taking great efforts to get involved in the development and production of RFID hard tags to meet more applications’ requirements and needs. that’s why we are now more focusing on UHF RFID tag’s R&D and productions for global markets.

In 2020, Goodwin successfully passed the certification of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Along the way, the RFID Tag’s production capacity and production technology have been further improved, and sales performance has attained historic peak levels.

Nowadays, we have developed and accomplished RFID tag projects for many applications, like livestock tag for animal management and (meat) food safety tracking, metal tag for fixed metal asset management, medical tag for drug management and medical equipment tracking, shoe tag for Marathon race timing, etc.

At GOODWIN, we not only sell our products but also provide customers with long-term and effective product update information and market trend information.



Who We Are?

Shenzhen Goodwin RFID Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech supplier, specialized in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Card and Tag. Our company employs advanced technology, experienced professionals manufacturing capabilities to bring out the most precise and cost-effective technology product. Our working team will provide full support in technologies, products, and services. A win-win business form and mutual improvement are what we expected. Anyone who has interests in being the agent of our products can get into us by e-mail: [email protected]

Goodwin relies on Good quality to Win competition, on Good service to Win development!

What We Do?

With comprehensive industrial designing and manufacturing capabilities, Goodwin has successfully developed a series of special RFID tags with stable performance such as RFID Library tag for library management, RFID Jewelry tag for store retail, RFID windshield tag for vehicle management, RFID waste bin tag for the garbage can Tracking, RFID Nail tag for wood identification and tracking, RFID on-metal tag, RFID cable tag, RFID event tag, etc.

The RFID Tags we supplied are widely applied in the water and electricity industry, Medical industry, Laundry industry, Security industry, Logistics & warehousing, New retail field, and industry 4.0 applications.

How We Do It?

All of our sales personnel, technical support personnel, and after-sales service personnel are experienced and knowledgeable problem solvers.   Our sales team has an in-depth knowledge of our products: what and how to made the RFID tag, how to use them and how to install, where they can or cannot be used for the different application environment. According to your specific application, our sales team will recommend appropriate products to you from various factors, such as the RFID tag’s material, physical, size, shape, cost, characteristics,  and other factors. Our technical team can also provide professional technical guidance for customers, and analyze the application environment of the product as much as possible to ensure that the performance of the product we recommended is stable and reliable.


Our factory has the leading modern production lines for rfid card and rfid tag manufacturing, our machines are winding machine, offset printing machine, laser code device, card punching machine, circular die cutting machine, etc. With the most advanced technology and processes, to serve the customers in high quality and efficiency.


Each of our products has been strictly online testing and other test,  we ensure that our products are of the highest levels of safety and quality in all processes: from design and manufacture to sales and after-sales service. And our products have achieved the International Standard Certificates, such as ISO 9001, CE certification.

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