13.56 MHz NFC Blocker

Best RFID Blocking card operate at 13.56MHz frequency, was designed for protecting your wallet or your information from e-theft.


Material:  PVC
MOQ:  100pcs
H.S. code:  8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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Product Description:

NFC Blocker is no charging and no power required, but protect your personal infor for 24 hours everyday, you’re deserved a guardian angel.   Our NFC blocker can protect credit card, bank card, driver’s licences and passports only, becase they all operate on a high frequency of 13.56 MHz,  carrying this blocking card in your wallet, and all 13.56MHz smart cards within range of its E-Field will be protected.

NFC Blocker      NFC Blocker card


NFC Blocker Specific:

Material: PVC + Blocking Module  /  PVC + Blocking Fabric
Size: CR80 85.5*54mm
Thickness: 0.86mm, 1.2mm
Surfaace: Glossy/ Matted
Customization: Silk / CMYK printing,  Barcode / QR code,  Number printing, Encoding, etc
Feature:  Award winning RFID Blocking module / material inside



Proecting personal information/data of Credit card, Passport, ID card, Passport etc.


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