UHF 860~960 MHz Vehicle RFID Tire Tags

Vehicle Tire Tag Rfid For Quality Tire Tracking & Management

High quality Inventory Tracking Tire Tag Rfid / UHF RFID Tire Patch Tag For Tire Management With Good Friction Resistance


Material: Rubber
MOQ:  500pcs

H.S. code:  8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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RFID Tire Tags Description:

This UHF Gen 2 RFID Tire tags is designed to be embedded in the tire mould before the tire is manufactured and cured. The tag withstand the high temperatures encountered in the tire curing process and is robust enough to remain operational throughout the operating life of the tire. The RFID tag is attached by a permanent adhesive to the inside tire wall with a special formulated dual cure chemical or heat process.

RFID Tire Tags Tire tag rfid

Our RFID Tire Tag Advantages:

RFID Tire tags are used for tire identification,  The Tire life cycle data include application information , refurbishment information and expense report information are reasonably recorded and traced , which can be loaded anytime and anywhere. Tire management methods will become more and more information-based and transparent, which solves the problem of confusion and no tracking in the whole process of tire management method from the source, and provides reference for tire management The whole process of tire manufacturing and application creates a new and upgraded management mechanism. RFID Tire Tag provides a unique identification number which can be tracked to prevent tire theft and cloning.

tire tracking rfid rfid tire patch tag

RFID Tire Tags Specifications:

Material: Rubber
Dimension: 95*35*2mm
RFID Stanrad: EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
Working Temp: -40℃~+230℃
Storage Temp: -40℃~+230℃
Frequency: 860~960MHz
Chip Type: Impinj / NXP
EPC Memory: 96 bits to 480 bits
User Memory: 512 bits
Read Range: 1-5 meters
Data Storage: > 10 years
Re-write: 100,000 times
Features: high heat resistant, high pressure resistanthigh tensile strength

UHF RFID Tire Patch Tag Applications:

  • Bus tire tracking
  • Truck tire tracking
  • Automobile factory tire control
  • Logistics vehicle Management

Installation Method:

1. Check the general area where the patch will stick.Cleaning the surface of the inner liner in the area where  the patch will stick.


2. Removing molded in features such as ridges (strias) or texture (“alligator skin”). Marking the exact location where the patch will stick;


3. The distance between the patch center and the lip of the bead will be 105~115 mm;


4. Applying Vulcanizing Cement and allowing the solvent  to dry;


5. Applying the patch to the prepared inner liner and applying pressure (“stitching it down”) to assure intimate contact. There will be no bubbles under neath the patch.
The patch will be tightly adhered to the tire all the way around its periphery

Application Case Share:  How to Utilize RFID for Vehicle Tracking and Management 

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