Hospital Inventory Management Medical RFID Tag

Medical RFID Tag use in medical field and hospitals, by placing an RFID tag on a medicine bottle or box and encrypting it with specific data.


Material: AL+PET
MOQ:  500pcs
H.S. code:  8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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Product Description:

This Medical RFID Tag is designed for Real-Time Blood bottle/Bag, medicine box, Laboratory Phial Collect, Identification, Track, storing and transporting,  to improve the efficiency and speed of boold/ medicine management in the hospital or clinic.

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Medical RFID Tag Specification:

RFID Liquid Tag
Size: 48*28*0.07MM
Chip: Impinj MR6, Alien H3/MONZA 4E/UCODE7/8
Memory: TID96bits, EPC96bits, USER 0bit
Frequency: 900~928MHz
IC Life: Write endurance of 100,000 cycles, Data retention of 10 years
Material: AL+PET
Working Temperature: -20~70C


Our Medical RFID Tag’s Advantage:

Increased security:
RFID tag provides high security over bar codes, to ensure automated mail-order pharmacies delliver the correct prescriptions, which are not easy to copy and duplicate.

Increase accuracy:
Can fast identify and locate the tubes samples, ensure the samples safety.

Larger memory:
RFID tags are with larger memory capacities, enabling update the encoded data and store dynamic data in time.

It eliminated manual records and transcripts and reduced the mistake on human data entry.



  • Hopital Asset management
  • Blood inventory
  • Laboratory Phial

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