Windshield UHF RFID Tag

The Windshield UHF RFID Tag is covered with a waterproof film, which can be printed, and has good performance in reading and storage. Typical applications include vehicle access, parking permit and toll collection management.

Material: Paper/PET/PVC
MOQ:  500pcs
H.S. code:  8523521000
Country of Original: mainland of China

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Windshield UHF RFID Tag Description:

Windshield UHF RFID Tag, using self-adhesive design and easy to install. The label has a tear-proof function, which can be destroyed in private. The reading distance can reach more than 15 meters. It supports multi tag identification and can be encrypted. It is used for Automatic vehicle identification and Vehicle asset tracking,Parking permit,Toll collection,Car washes.

Windshield Sticker Rfid Tag Windshield UHF RFID Tag

Our Windshield Sticker Rfid Tag Advantages:

  • Long distance of reading, and more than 20 meters with 12dBi reader
  • The chip can be repeatedly erased and rewritten more than 100000 times, and the data storage life can reach more than 10 years
  • PET material, UV resistant, high and low temperature resistance, good creep resistance
  • The sticker surface adopts knife line design, which has good anti tearing and anti transfer function
  • The rfid tag recognition sensitivity is high,and it can accurately identify fast-moving vehicles
  • Infrared positioning and RF transmission, no interference between rfid tags
  • It can demolition and deliberate destruction. When it is destroyed, the rfid tag will be destroyed automatically

Rfid Windshield Label Specifications:

Material: Paper, PVC,PET + AL

Dimension: 100*50mm, 100*40mm, Or customised.

Optional craft: One side or two side customised printing

Feature: Waterproof, printable, long range up to 6m

Frequency: 860-960mhz

Protocol: ISO18000-6c , EPC GEN2 CLASS 1

Chip: Alien h3

Read Distance: 1m- 6m

Reading Speed:  < 0.05 seconds

User memory: 512 bits

Valid Using lifetime: > 10 years

Valid Using times: >10,000 times

Storage Temperature: 20°C to +75°C

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C

Tamperproof RFID Custom Windshield Tag Applications:

RFID windshield tag is a specially designed vehicle management rfid tag based on the characteristics of vehicle windshield. It is widely used in vehicle management, automobile supply chain logistics, automobile financial asset management, vehicle electronic environmental protection information card, high-speed non-stop electronic charging, self-service parking lot, vehicle free travel, vehicle annual inspection and tracing management, etc. The product shape and printing can be customized according to customer needs.

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